Saturday, January 20, 2018

January Update

 January is now half over. Normally I would be happy about that. It's this time of year that I'm usually working out in twenty degree temperatures in wet and mucky conditions and dreaming about Spring. Believe me it doesn't take long to get tired of Winter when you have to make a living working outside. However, I'm still in California and the weather here has been pretty nice. I won't complain about how rough I have it here in 70 to 80 degrees.
  January is about the time I start to get excited about the Jeep Safari and planning our trip and preparing the Jeep is just a winter time ritual for us. Well, that hasn't changed. Not even here in California.
  We've ironed out our lodging for the Safari but we still have some logistical planning to figure out over the coming weeks. We have decided on our trails and if you're reading this and planning to attend, remember, sign ups are on Wednesday. Trails fill up fast so be ready.
  As far as getting the Jeep ready for the trip, I have a few projects that we're working on right now that have been keeping us busy. I've added a new bumper with a swing away tire carrier which I'm very happy about. I've dreaded bumping the tire on a steep angle and bending my tailgate. It's always made me nervous but now that problem is solved. I've also finally pulled the trigger on a dual battery set up to add a little more power to the electrical system to help out with future lighting, the current winch and a future fridge that I hope to have by the Jeep Safari. I'm adding a tailgate table in the back of the Jeep to help with food prep and to act as a shelf at times and I hope that once it's installed I think, "how have I lived without this for so long?"
  The last thing I have to do is change the leaky transmission cooler lines that have been a nuisance since 2009, one year after I drove the Jeep off the dealers lot in shiny new condition. It's a Jeep, they leak, even new.  
 If we manage to find time to get all that done we may even find time to head out into the desert before it get's too hot. Time is short, though. The Jeep Safari is early this year and begins in March and like I said, January is nearly over. We'll have a write up on all of these parts and pieces in the coming weeks.
  I hope you're out finding your own adventures this weekend, no matter how small. We'll see you next week.


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