Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Alcatraz Escape Games

Hello friends.  We did something really cool!  I'm sure you have all heard about escape rooms.  I was a little bit nervous and especially so when I heard that there would be actors involved.  I guess I had more of a haunted house type attraction built up in my head.  It was cool like that but so much better.  We went to Alcatraz Escape Games in Draper Utah for our first escape room experience and we are so excited to go back. 

You can see the building when you drive by on I-15 but reserve your spot on the website first.  You can see how many spots are available and join a group.  If you are looking to have the place to just your crew then round up enough friends to fill it, or you can purchase all available tickets for that show.  Tickets are $28 per person.  The Zombie Apocalypse room suggests that guests be 16 or older but the rest of the rooms (at this time) are what ever you feel like your crew can deal with. 

There are a bunch of rooms to pick from and each one has its own rate of escaping.  We chose the Prison Bus.  With a current escape rate of 19% you shouldn't be too surprised to know that we didn't make it.  Id love to tell you all the incredible details but that would ruin the experience for you.  I will tell you that there is a prisoner on the bus and you should not let him out.  If he touches you then you take three minutes off your time.  You have an hour to complete it so work hard and fast.  We found it was best to give everyone jobs where they excel.  There are locks to open and puzzles to figure out how the locks open.  We did use the prisoner for help and he was able to give us small clues as long as we all agreed to use one of our three available hints.  We also stayed away from his reach which is tougher than you think.  My only complaint is that it was chilly.  See that white stuff on the ground?  Its colder when you have spent some time in California.  The bus was chilly too but we were all having too much fun to care.  The actor was a great addition to it all.  He stayed in character and was hilarious!  

When you go in the lobby first check in at the desk then you can wait on the benches.  When its your time they will call you and take you to your adventure.  Rule number one is NO CELL PHONE! If you absolutely need it you can use it as a flashlight but other than that keep it put away or you are disqualified.  Don't ruin it for your team folks.  

Its not a question of if we will be back.  We will be back for sure.  I'm thinking our next adventure will be the Horcrux Hysteria where we will escape from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! I'm going to need a team of 10 players.  Whos going with me?

Until then time will keep ticking.  Make the most of it. 

🎔 Misty